Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy New Year from ARI Region 5!

ARI Region 5 Coach Internship 2015

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Region 5 Coaches enjoyed coaching Midfield Elementary School first grade teachers recently. One of our coaching efforts was focused on establishing routines and procedures. 

According to Harry Wong, lack of procedures and routines = reduced productivity and learning and an increase in
behavior problems. Listed below is Wong's Three Step Approach to teaching classroom procedures:

The Three Step Approach
• State, explain, model and demonstrate the procedure.
• Rehearse and practice the procedure under your supervision
• Reteach, rehearse, practice, and reinforce the classroom procedure until it becomes a student habit
or routine.

Wong, H. K., Wong, R. T. (2001). How to Be an Effective Teacher: The First
Days of School. Mountain View, CA: Harry K. Wong, Publications, Inc. 

We also modeled explicit instruction routines in their reading block - both whole group and small group. Reading Foundations Routine cards were shared with them for future reference. You can access these cards for Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, High Frequency Words, Vocabulary, and the Table Tap method for small group reading instruction here:

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