Thursday, December 11, 2014

Coaching Community #2 Resources

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Joyce and Showers Professional Development Research

Flaherty's Flow of Coaching Explanation:

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Reflecting on Coaching Article

Planning Questions:
1.  What standards are you teaching today?
What are your student-friendly outcomes?
2.  How will you know your students have met the 
daily outcome?
3.  What steps will you take to ensure your students 
meet the daily outcome?
4. What will you do if they do NOT meet the daily outcome? 
5.  What will you do if they DO meet the daily outcome?

4 Steps to Analyze Student Work

1.  What standard or standards are addressed?
2.  What do you consider a proficient response for this formative assessment?
3.  What do you see in the work samples? Strengths?  Weaknesses? 
4.  What do students’ needs indicate for designing instruction to move their learning forward? 

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