Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free Summer Workshop Opportunities, S.O.S. Multisensory Strategy, and Six Syllable Types

School of Education Region In-Service Center 
Summer Workshops 2016
Workshops provided by the UAB Regional Inservice Center 
are free of charge.

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Simultaneous Oral Spelling (S.O.S.) is a multisensory spelling strategy which
incorporates auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic modalities.

Emily, at The Literacy Nest Blog, is an Orton-Gillingham instructor who utilizes S.O.S. with her students. She lists the 6 steps to this strategy on her blog, in addition, she has created a very useful station activity for students to use to continue to practice their spelling skills. 
You may access her S.O.S. blog post here: 

Closed Syllables

Another great series of blog posts on The Literacy Nest Blog explains the importance of teaching the six syllable types. We know that struggling readers need a meaning-based approach to decode and encode new words. Teaching them the six syllable types will help them to become more skillful readers and spellers. Her series of blog posts on syllables begins with closed syllables here:

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