Thursday, February 25, 2016

Multisensory Teaching

Multisensory approach in an elementary classroom 

ARI Region 5 has been training school districts on Dyslexia Simulations and Awareness. In addition, our last Coaching Community was focused on utilizing and embedding multisensory routines into our explicit phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension lessons with students. We began with the rationale of using the multisensory approach in the classroom. Coaches engaged in the Ink Think strategy to read, write, and talk about the research and expert opinions on multisensory teaching. 

Click here for the Ink Think Quotes:

The coaches then learned how to use various multisensory routines and practiced using them with students.  

Click here for the Multisensory Routine Cards:

You may download the HOTS Question Fans from April Guenzler's Blog:

Vocabulary Foldables can be found on Laura Candler's website:

Air Writing demonstration and sight word cards can be found here:

Click here for the Phonics Folders Template:

We look forward to sharing more multisensory teaching ideas with you in the future. Keep checking our blog for more updates!  

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new multisensory techniques!

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