Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2015 Summer Learning Challenge

 "For Alabama's students, summer is a time of fun, but those months away from school can result in a loss of knowledge and reading ability. The Summer Learning Challenge raises awareness of the summer loss epidemic, shares compelling research on the importance of personalized reading activities and provides access to a variety of free resources to support targeted reading and math summer learning." - via alsde.edu
Click here for links to a variety of FREE reading and math activities and resources:
This includes FREE access to Stride Academy, an online game-based adaptive learning platform for math, reading and science, accessible on tablets, PCs and Macs anytime, 24/7. Stride Academy delivers awesome video games as a reward for completing academic tasks, so students are motivated to practice skills throughout the summer and better prepare themselves for a new school year in the fall!

To print the press release about this challenge:
2015 Summer Learning Challenge Press Release

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