Monday, October 6, 2014

Summary of CCRS Quarterly Meeting #1:

Message from Dr. Bice
Curriculum Guides
If you are looking for ways to break standards down into prerequisite skills to support struggling learners, click on the link below. ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies K-12 courses of study are all included. Though typically used by special education teachers, this can be a great resource for all teachers.
EQuIP Quality Review Rubric
Are you looking for a tool for self-assessment of your lessons/units or self-assessment of your teaching as it relates to implementing College and Career Readiness Standards? This rubric might just be your solution. Use the link below, click on Download All and select the correct rubric (Social Studies teachers should select the ELA/Literacy).
30 hours of professional development will be available through eLearning courses starting October 1. Go to STI-PD and look at STI-PD numbers CCRSELA01, CCRSELA02, CCRSLIT01, CCRSMTH01, or CCRSMT02 for descriptions of courses related to ELA, Content Literacy, and Mathematics.
Insight Tool
The improved Alabama Insight Tool includes standards, lesson plans, and resources for K-12 in math, ELA, social studies and in content area literacy. Go to . Click on the Personal Workspace box and create a unique account. The Alabama Insight Tool button is included with other resources available for teacher use after you create an account. The individual accounts are customizable for content.
Great Technology Resource

Check out for a new way to ask questions.

Speaking and Listening Standards 

"Require students to collaborate for both comprehension and presentation. Preparation for discussions is emphasized across the grades, as is following agreed-upon rules. Students learn to adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks, which they apply in all subject areas and life endeavors."AL ELA CCRS

Explicitly modeling for students your expectations for partner discussions, posting an anchor chart for reference, and practicing, practicing, practicing these agreed-upon rules will help teachers to facilitate student discussion more effectively.  

The picture below features ARI Regional Support Staff members Kim Goodwin and Kristy Watkins, as they model and practice Turn and Talk procedures with a Bessemer Middle School class.  

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